We often seem to understand what is meant by awareness, but how about spiritual awareness? The word ‘awareness’ has a vague and confusing meaning. We all seem to feel aware of being angry, sad, or happy.

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But are we aware of these emotions? As Krishnamurti states, ‘we gain awareness, after feeling those things, not before or even during the moment.’

Spiritual awareness is something deeper – it is unveiling an extraordinary state of mind, going into a wider dimension much above self, without superficial understanding.

It goes beyond the superficial awareness we gain through our five sensory organs. It’s a lot deeper than the thoughts, emotions, or perceptions of things around us.

What Is The Meaning Of Spiritual Awareness Or Awakening?

To understand spiritual awareness, we must first understand what we usually perceive.

As said earlier, we might feel we know when we are happy or angry, but we only become aware of those emotions after the fact.

This begins with our sensory experiences. The ability to tell the color of that mug, the hummingbird perching over the flower under the radiance of the sun, the ability to tell the different sounds around us, their various heights and depths, and then to feel our bodies, all without preferences, comparisons, likes or dislikes.

What Is Spiritual Awareness Or Enlightenment? Facts You May Not Know
What Is Spiritual Awareness Or Enlightenment? Facts You May Not Know


Thereby, we are gaining all that awareness without having any psychological involvement.

Again, the next step is how we feel or perceive those things. This is what we call thought or emotion.

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So, in the end, if we were to describe the mug in front of us, it wouldn’t mean the completely detached version but our emotional involvement with it.

Sometimes, it’s easy to get carried away with those thoughts and emotions and confuse reality for that perception.

However, when we can become aware of those feelings and psychological responses, we’ve reached a higher depth of awareness: the awareness of our response to the mug.

Often, we are unaware of this – we only see the cup through the response, which is a conditioned response.

Then again, this psychological involvement will be defined by our memories and experiences.

It is a prejudiced feeling, but also we often allow these conditioned responses to rule our awareness.

What Is Spiritual Awareness Or Awakening?

Looking at all we’ve said, it becomes clear that there is no simple or straightforward answer to this question. In the general sense, spiritual awareness is about becoming conscious of ‘spiritual matters.’

The term’ spiritual matters’ is different for different people. It is, in fact, so vague a term that one or two people talking about it might not mean the same symbolic meanings.

What Is Spiritual Awareness Or Enlightenment? Facts You May Not Know
What Is Spiritual Awareness Or Enlightenment? Facts You May Not Know


To some, spiritual awareness is about connecting with one’s soup. To others, it is connecting with the divine through simulating the pineal gland in the brain or gaining the knowledge of what’s occurring within the incorporeal, spiritual realm.  

For some others, it is achieving a profound inner change in their thoughts and way of being. To many others, it’s about gaining an understanding of life.

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Still, there is no doubt, that connecting with the spiritual is a real and profoundly fulfilling adventure.

So, despite the different sounding answers, there is a common goal that becoming spiritually aware strips away boundaries and unnecessary norms. It helps you reach out to the ultimate truth.

It brings awareness and knowledge of all things, removing all fragmentation and perceptions that divide us and our spirit.

It might bring to light diverse spiritual questions such as:

  • Who am I?
  • Why do I feel a certain lack of something in my life?
  • Is this all there is?
  • Is there something better out there?

As your level of awareness grows, these questions will expand beyond you to the universe.

I believe a better term would be ‘spiritual awakening’ as it becomes easier to relate to the process of being able to explore beyond our superficial awareness.

For many, it begins with getting rid of exploring ourselves as individuals and more than being a part of a larger system.

It brings to light an exploration of our entire being to become whole and unite our physical bodies with our spirits with a connected purpose.

We recognize that all things come from one source and, therefore, share a connection.

Therefore, spiritual awareness or spiritual awakening is about gaining an increase in conscious awareness. 

What Is Spiritual Awareness Or Enlightenment? Facts You May Not Know
What Is Spiritual Awareness Or Enlightenment? Facts You May Not Know


Final Thoughts On Spiritual Awareness Or Enlightenment

Your spiritual awareness is unique to you. To get there, you must take time to listen to your heart and your immense love for yourself and others.

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We must let go of the egos, perceptions, and glamour of choice to truly connect within ourselves and, by extension, the universe.

Take time to meditate, as meditation offers a seamless path to empowering our spirits.

When we let go of thoughts, emotions, and prejudiced perceptions, we can reconnect our physical selves with our spiritual beings.

We can fully observe our minds, spirit, and body. We can attain a sense of a higher self without expectations.

Then we have reached the height of full awareness, where we have profound freedom to be all that we want to be.

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